Seize the Adventure

Carpe Diem is quite possibly one of the most overused phrases. It rings in our heads as more than just a life motto written in a lost language, but as a constant reminder to fully embrace each and every moment and to “seize the day.”

“20,000 miles, 19 states, 4 cities, 3 time zones & I finally learned what adventure is all about.”

Personally, I’ve been trudging my way through a rather adventurous, tumultuous, but mostly exciting year spent all over the country. I’ve had the chance to experience some of life’s greatest highs as well as some of its lowest lows. I’ve traveled nearly 20,000 miles, through 19 different states, lived in 4 different cities, 3 different time zones, climbed countless mountains, explored miles of trails, spontaneously bought one-way plane tickets and promised myself to keep grabbing every adventure I could.


I’ve done all of this with little to no money, a full-time job, and no car. This year has taught me a lot about the things that really matter. It’s not about the fancy gear you have, the money you make, or all of the amazing places you’ve been. It’s not about getting the perfect Instagram picture of the mountain you just climbed, or showing off your battle wounds from catching that perfect wave, and it’s definitely not about comparing your adventures to anyone else’s.

It’s about embracing the path that you are on and making the most out of it. It’s about finding adventure in everything you do and finding beauty wherever you are. It’s about striving for a life full of experiences versus a life full of materialism. The thing is, whether it’s the Rocky Mountains you’re climbing, or the molehill in your backyard, your adventure matters. So, here’s my challenge, to myself and to each and every one of you reading this; I challenge you to make the most of wherever you are and whatever it is you are doing. I challenge you to carpe the heck out of your diem and to seize the adventure that life brings you.

“Carpe the heck out of your diem.” 


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