Nearly 4,000 miles, 13 states & 7 days later….we’ve made it to Montana. I have been here barely over a week and I’ve already fallen in love with the magnificent beauty that I wake up to each morning. Whether it’s the bright morning sun that peaks through my curtains in the early morning hours, the gentle pitter-patter of rain drops outside my window as I fall asleep, or the soft breeze that constantly blows through the pine trees, I am in awe of this place.

California was my “home” for the last five years, but with each deep, long & slow breath of fresh Montana air I take, I feel more at home each day. But the glory of this place stretches far beyond the sparkling clear lake, the majestic snow capped Rockies & small town charm. I am learning that this is a place where relationships are built, strengthened and deepened. A place where people are free to live out their callings and passions. To see how personally God has called each person to be here in this community has been a true testimony of His love and faithfulness in this new season of my life.

As my second week in the 100 Fold Studio office kicks off, I can’t help but be overwhelmed with excitement for the many great things to come. From a missions training center in Cambodia, to a rescue center for children in Thailand, to volunteer housing in Mexico, to a missions campus in Nepal, to a school in Palestine & even local projects right here in Lakeside, Montana….100 Fold has a full plate of projects all over the world. So far, it has been incredible to work alongside the highly skilled architects that I am now blessed to call my coworkers and get a glimpse of the work they do. (To see more information on the projects at 100 Fold, click here.)

My role in the office has been a lot of learning…new systems, new people and new procedures. As I start learning the ropes, I’ve had the opportunity to work with our current Development Coordinator and Accountant to gain a better understanding of the inner-workings of a nonprofit. Eventually, I will have the chance to spearhead a social media campaign with our graphic designer as a way to keep donors, family & friends in the loop of everyday life at 100 Fold.

Even though the day is a dark and dreary one here in Lakeside…I can’t help but find the sweetest light in the midst of the heavy raindrops and thick clouds. The work that is being done here at 100 Fold is the light & joy in places that would have otherwise remained dark and silent. The impact of this architecture firm goes far beyond a design or a building….the work 100 Fold has done touches the hearts of those in need of hope, in need of faith, in need of Jesus. What a blessing to be a part of a story that is being written by our loving and faithful God, a story that involves people all over the world, lost and broken souls like you and me, being touched by the love of Christ.

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To all my friends & family who have supported me in prayer or financially….THANK YOU. Your love and encouragement means the world to me, it is because of YOU that I am blessed with the opportunity to be here in Montana! To learn more about 100 Fold Studio or to become a financial partner or prayer partner, please visit 

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