5am is my least favorite part of Mondays. With my alarm buzzing away in my ears, I am forced to drag myself out of my warm, cozy bed and face the day in a permanently under heated apartment. Through halfway closed eyes I stumble to the kitchen in a sleepy daze repeating to myself…”need. coffee. now.” Glamourous, huh? Everyone thinks I’m a total morning person…which I completely am, but catch me on a Monday before I’ve had my coffee and you will see a whole new side.

Mondays…ugh, right? What if I told you I actually love Mondays. It’s okay if you think that’s weird…because I even think it’s weird. Maybe I don’t enjoy the 5am wakeup call, but Mondays are probably my favorite day of the week. A fresh start, a new week, what’s not to love? Now I get it, Mondays usually mean “back to the grind” for most, but I feel like Mondays set the tone for your whole week. I mean, if you catch a bad case of the Mondays, your Tuesday probably won’t be too great either, and chances are if your Tuesday wasn’t very good, Wednesday isn’t looking too hot either….seeing a trend here?

What if we all made a commitment to make Monday our best day….couldn’t that change everything? Maybe this is crazy, maybe we’re all just wired to truly dread Mondays. BUT, try it….see what happens. Set a goal, buy yourself a coffee, run an extra mile, eat a donut, buy a new book, take the long way home…anything to make YOU find a little more joy in Monday.


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