A Different Kind of Adventure

I’m starting to feel like this blog is just one long episode of “where in the world is Lilly?” It seems like each time I get a chance to sit down and write, I’m in a new state. Well, this time is no exception…

If you would have told me a year ago that today I would be living in North Dakota with my husband, jobless and obsessing over cornfields and sunflowers, I would have rolled my eyes SO hard at you.

You see, at this time last year, I was establishing quite the home base in Seattle. I had my church, I had my people, I had just landed an awesome job, I moved into a gorgeous house with some girlfriends, I was climbing mountains every weekend, spending afternoons on the lake, planning exciting trips left and right; y’all things were good.

Ok hit the brakes — the love of my life was in North Dakota. So why the heck was I in Seattle!? Well that my friends, is a story for another time. But what I’m trying to tell you is that in that moment I would have scoffed at the idea of living anywhere other than a place surrounded by mountains. Funny thing I’ve come to learn though is that God likes to take those “I will go anywhere but….” and give us a gentle little reminder of who is really in the drivers seat.

So even though I left North Dakota in quite the hurry a year and a half ago, it has welcomed me back with open arms, plenty of sunshine, endless fields of sunflowers and the sweetest place to call home. You see, I really never thought I’d be back here, surely this wasn’t in the plan, right God? But, the Lord, being rich in grace and mercy gave me a new set of eyes. Where I once saw nothing, I now see beauty. I see a promise. I see a future. I see a home.


The adventure sure does look different and I’m definitely re-reading my own “10 Lessons Learned from North Dakota” because y’all, it is windy as heck 98% of the time here, I may never wear a dress again due to said wind, my hair is a mess pretty much every day also due to said wind, the bugs are UNREAL, I’ve already heard a person say “oofda” twice this week and I legitimately saw a camouflage recliner in the furniture store last weekend. We are definitely not in Seattle anymore.

But despite the oddities of this new place we get to call home, I know this is exactly where we are supposed to be. Maybe just for now or maybe forever, for that we’ll just have to wait and see.

But if I have learned anything over this last year, it’s that the adventure will look different throughout our lives. It changes and evolves and grows. And for me right now, the adventure is establishing a new home, experiencing the joy of marriage, learning what it looks like to be a wife and trying to find a good bug spray. And though this adventure is different and likely won’t offer many snowcapped mountains or perfect Pacific Northwest sunsets, I really, really hope you’ll stick around and be a part of this journey as I learn to live and thrive in this new home.

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19





  1. I have to be honest. I’m totally giggling as I read through your post because I, too, never imagined I would end up in North Dakota. And it sometimes is truly like living in another world. Four years ago, I picked up my entire life and moved here for love. Now we have built a home here and I honestly can’t imagine living anywhere else. The people are truly what make this state great, and well our epic Summer’s with all the iconic sunflowers and sunsets. :) I hope North Dakota grows roots in your heart as it has mine. There’s so much I haven’t even explored of the state and whenever we traverse it, it never fails to ignite my passion to see every corner of our beautiful state. It’s always nice to meet another transplant. Especially another CA girl. :)

  2. This is great! I moved to rural PA from NC 3 years ago and felt the same way. God is good. I still miss the south but He has been faithful to me and has shown His providence to us in ways we never thought!

  3. Lil, this made me smile! It made me happy to read these words and to see that you are beginning to see the beauty here in this unique part of the United States! Beauty is all-around us but you have to appreciate what you see. For me it was the whole package. I had to experience the breathtaking beauty of a winter snow storm, ground blizzard or the miles of perfect untouched white fields of fresh fallen snow and the glorious yawn and stretch that occurs when these grounds thawed in spring and new life burst forth from Gods earth. Doors open and the people pour out of hibernation while children run and play and giggle. Trees bloom with flowers so sweet you’d swear they would drop honey.! I cannot describe the joy it musters after a long hard winter. It’s the beauty of His plan and His mastery. It’s greater than anything I’ve witnessed in 53 years of life. You have to appreciate it. Love you sweetheart and welcome home!

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