Today is my last day as a 24-year-old.

This past year was significant. Not in any ways I would have ever been prepared for or expected, but in a beautiful, messy, painful, glorious and unique way. As soon as I turned 24, I had a distinct feeling that this would be a year of major changes in my life.  Oh boy was I right. 

24 was a roller coaster ride. I climbed some of the toughest peaks in life and tumbled into some of the lowest valleys. Right before I turned 24, a sweet woman in my life reminded me of something that stuck with me all through this year of highs and lows: “God will NEVER take you into a valley without the promise to bring you up on the other side.” I clung to these words of truth through the let downs and disappointments just as much as I reminded myself of them during the moments of glory.

I won’t bore you all with the sappy details of my life as a 24-year-old, but as I am closing out what has oftentimes felt like the hardest year of my life, I will wholeheartedly and humbly say that this year taught me that God is ALWAYS good, in all seasons of life. 

So here I am–on the edge of 25….I’m not expecting to wake up tomorrow morning and feel like I suddenly have it all figured out (we know thats’s not gonna happen) but I can’t help but feel that 25 is going to be something special.

So here is my promise for 25: I promise to dream bigger this year, to dream wildly, unrealistic but beautiful dreams. I promise to never settle and to always put God first. I promise to look for adventure around every corner and find something to be grateful for every day. I promise I will savor the little joys that life brings and I promise to never be afraid to step out in faith. I promise to love myself and to love others, but to always love God first. I promise to explore and to finally get my passport this year. I promise to try to stop drinking so much coffee and I promise to stop picking my split ends. I promise to always be a light, no matter how dark things may seem. I promise to always find joy and to remain compassionate, in all circumstances. I promise to laugh more than I should and smile way too much. I promise to not be so stubborn and I promise I will try to start flossing this year. Above all else, I promise to always remain true to who God made me to be.

25–I’m ready for you. (I think.)



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